Missouri Middle School Association

The Missouri Middle School Association (MMSA) is                              

an affiliate of the Association for Middle Level Education (AMLE)

Mission Statement
MMSA is dedicated to improving the educational experience of young adolescents by providing vision, knowledge and resources to all that serve them in order to develop healthy, productive and ethical citizens.


MMSA believes that every young adolescent deserves access to the most effective middle level educational opportunities, designed to meet their social, physical, intellectual and emotional needs.

Purpose and Beliefs
The purpose of MMSA is to serve as an advocacy group to recognize the middle level as a legitimate third level of education.  Through the recognition of MMSA as an advisory group to the State Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, it is our intention to effect change in the middle level as it relates to state certification, teacher training, school organization, and effective programming.

We believe that because of the unique changes that take place physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually during the transescent years, these young adolescents require educational prograpms designed to address those needs.  We are committed to the task of sharing knowledge and expertise among the membership throughout the state and of creating workable programs to bring about successful middle schools.

MMSA is an affiliate of the Association for Middle Level Education.